Sufian Akhtar


Sufian Akhtar

Writer & founder

Hi' I am Sufian Akhtar

A freelance writer and founder of the Polancer. After completing my study moved to Portugal and started the career as a freelancer. I am a free thinker poet and philosopher. Also, I am the author of a book “Human Disease and Cure”.

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Capable of quickly understanding how systems are used in order to provide efficient support. Demonstrated outstanding customer orientation using strong communication skills. Strong leadership, teaching, curriculum development, and writing capabilities.

  • Civil Engineer (Punjab Technical board)
  • BEMS (Bachelor Eastern Medicine and Surgery) (Jinnah Medical College)
  • EAP

Experience & Skill

I spent most of the time as a blogger, reporting, writing, and editing for different websites. My writing experiences did not just end in media houses. I am equally a freelancer. For the past three years, I have been writing articles for different clients in this country and abroad. I have a great reputation as a writer. I like taking writing challenges; I do not hesitate to explore any opportunity that would boost my writing career. With the experiences, I already have as a blogger and a freelance writer; I have all it takes to excel in your website.

Project Completed 6000
Clients 1900
Acceptance Rate 99.99

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