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Professional Copywriting: Polancer offers a professional copywriter that can help you create compelling copy for your e-commerce store. From product descriptions to SEO-optimized blog articles, each copywriter we work with understands the needs of modern stores and brands, offering content that engages, informs and converts customers.

Product Descriptions: High-quality product descriptions are key to any successful e-commerce website. It is this text that often encourages customers to take the plunge and make a purchase if they are not physically in the store scanning products themselves. Polancer’s experienced writers provide you with unique product description copies to better illustrate the products on offer in your online store.

Website Content: Websites need content as well! Whether your website requires optimization or an article about something related to your business, Polancer can assist in providing original content for your company website, ensuring it actually gets noticed by potential customers and major search engines alike.

Category Pages: Having poor category product pages could be misleading customers away from potential purchases which is why having them accurate and up to date is important – especially when deciding what page titles should be used! With our copywriting expertise at Polancer, you can have improved and optimized category pages ready for publishing within no time at all!

Site Updates: Staying relevant requires keeping up with current trends, latest releases etc., making sure everything on the E-commerce site is up to date so there are no broken links or outdated information being given out partaking in dwindling sales due to occasional tidying up being forgotten about! We’re happy to mention also add fresh new promotional offers too!

Menu Text Change Upgrades: The menu serves as one of most user friendly navigation tools visitors use while browsing through an E commerce site; Updating navigation menu language is proven effective way gain more attention from shoppers during peak shopping moments if done right!! Polancer can do just that – offering advice and intelligence on how best design & strategize all updates for maximum profit!

Unique Selling Points Optimizations (USP): Unique Selling Points Optimizations (USP) efforts will guarantee every customer (even returning ones!) receive custom tailored marketing offers pertaining directly to their interests expressed throughout their visits/purchases – allowing creating a better sense loyalty from shoppers and converting browsers into longtime customers of your business venture!!

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